Thursday, May 10, 2007


A couple of days ago I wrote a short story and finished it. Did not really like it though. I called it lack lustre. In my opinion it really lived up to its name. I remember finishing the last sentence with a "I'm not impressed" look on my face. It's okay I guess, in comparison to the two previous it's nothing.
I'm getting back into my novels now. I'm writing a huge novel that'll end up being 120 thousand words long. It's called The Tides Of Karni Mata. I remember starting in and getting through the first bit and then looking at the word count and thinking that I was at the count of where I'm usually half way through but I had just really only begun. I guess that's how it works though. I guess I'll have to wait for another short story to come to me to post it on here. So now I'm trying to decided whether I put the okay or even bad stories up on this? Whether I put older stories from a decade ago up here? I was even wondering whether I should put excerpts of my novels up?
On the right I've added a picture of Shio my cat. He is really my best friend when it comes to it. He spends the most time with me, he's like a fuzzy extension of my own being. He's a very demanding cat though and he hates my writing. It means less attention for him. When he sees me walking off to the study he tries to tackle me and bite the tendons behind my knees. I love cats that way, cute and cuddly with just enough of the wild still lurking behind it all. He does not want me sitting behind the computer all night so his first instinct is to cripple me. He's demanded that he has his own webspace so I put up for him. People are always emailing him through it and all he can do is put meowmeow in his replies.
The photo is of him trying to eat the camera.