Thursday, July 12, 2007

Statistic Summary and Updates

Here are the statistics since I started to take statistics. The last peak on the graph was right after I put the last story on the site.
I'm hoping that means something.
I love looking at where all the dots are for each day.
I've also made some changes to the site. The image on the right now loads at random. At the moment I've loaded up four images for it. Refreshing the page or going to another page on the site will load up another image. Took me a hell of a while to work out how to do the JavaScript and html, especially with the sizing and positioning of the thing.
Opps, I almost forgot, I put a poll down at the bottom of the page where you can vote for your favorite story. I made my own vote for "Life and death as a Sitcom."
It came about when I told my mum that I did not think much of my new story, "Support Groups." She read it on the internet and liked it more than the others. I found it a little cruel, she found it funny. It's usually the other way around which I found odd. Well, odder than usual which makes it pretty darn odd!
I'm starting to like the way the site looks and feels. I'm glad I chose the Blogger site as a place to put my stories. I was thinking of buying webspace for the site but this looks a lot better I think. It's kind of a Blog I guess.
I've got to put some more stories up though. I've decided to steer clear of using this as a diary or some speech outlet. It'll only be story related. I'm still editing the one that I wrote before I wrote "Support Groups" and I have another one that I found on my hard drive that I kind of liked that I may put up.