Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catch Up

It's been a while since I wrote in this.
The last twelve months have been very difficult.
Sometimes the real world becomes so hectic that you forget what you love.
I was writing my novels but it eventually faded out as work took over everything.
I won't go into the details much. I've tried to a little but I keep deleting the posts.

I've written a story at least. I think it's great. I was actually crying as I wrote the last two paragraphs. I'm going to submit it for a competition but that means I cannot put it up here until I know that I have not won.
I was hoping that the story would open the flood gates, it didn't really. I'm trying to get it all back and I'm hoping it does come to me. I keep starting up pieces but I loose momentum and feel it's not worth finishing.

I've added a new pic to the random image holder on the right but I'll post it up here so you don't need to keep refreshing to get it up. It's just me mucking around with Photoshop a little.