Sunday, May 13, 2007


Aaaarggghh. If you're looking at these things within a work environment be careful not to click on some of Grebo's links.

Reading Bitchy Jones

Okay, I should not have started looking through Grebo's posts. Now I'm reading what he's reading including this.

I'm actually quite taken back by it, it's extremely well written and I don't care what you think of me!! (Now I know how Grebo feels.)

Bloody Links

Okay I think I sorted out, I dumped the choice of using a links element and went straight for a little HTML box. I even tried to mess around with the template's HTML so that I could still use a simple links element but no.
Forgot to put the breaks in so all the link names are next to eachother. Was going to change it but decided I liked it.
So now the links open in a seperate window so that this window stays open.
Man I got to become less boring!

Grebo and Other Blogs and Stuff

I just found a crazy Blog by an old friend, Grebo.
His page won't allow comments so I'm going to think really hard until he got the message.
I then realised that I should have some kind of link list so I can add it in with other links that I can add. I know, I know It's a slow bloody day!!
I'm wondering what the html code is so that it opens in another page. I can't have you people leaving my page, not now, not ever!!