Monday, May 07, 2007


Hey, My name is Molecat Jumaway.
I work, I sleep, I eat just like everyone else.
I also write stories.
While I work my brain is going over stories.
While I eat I'm thinking of stories.
When I wake up each morning more often than not I will have anywhere between one and ten stories in my head. Sometimes I'll wake up frightened.
See most of the time they are horror stories.
These days I try and turn them into novels, a few short stories filter through occassionally.

I think this may be the place to put those short stories.
Unlike my novels they are not all horror. I also have to state that the stories choose me, I don't choose the stories. They may not reflect my ideas and my views, I'm just the messenger.
I don't know how it works completely, I just type the damn things.

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