Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finding Farley - Introduction

I usually start off writing, a small amount of planning in my head. A lot less planning than what I do for novels, I find it a lot more entertaining to sometimes not know where the story is going to take me. I usually add the title either half way through writing or at the end. Sometimes I even add it days later.
Finding Farley started with the title, no idea where I was going at all.
Half way through writing I stopped and started looking up all I could about Fairies (or Faeries for the pedantically inclined -:D-) Read some really interesting stuff that may even be used in another story.
It looks like I'm going to be doing short stories in two avenues, normal horror/fiction and those of the fairy tale incline. So far I have Finding Farley and The Jaga and the Kaax.
I like the idea of Fairies not being that cute and having to pay a duty to hell.
Even after doing the reading on Fairies I still had no idea where the story was going. I just kept writing and it was only towards the end that I realised what was going to happen. I think there's this little person in my head that sometimes has it all planned out for me but only gives me portions as I go along.
I think I've said that before here.
Oh well, it makes it all very interesting.


Anonymous said...

A few months ago i was going through a stage of telling people that i am controlled by fairies in my head that tell me what to do. There are good and bad fairies. Majority are bad or 'evil', about 70% are bad & 30% are good.

Anyway, the point is, i came up with some stories in my head about what the bad fairies tell me to do. I am glad to hear that i am not the only one that thinks fairies aren't so good and as you put it 'having to pay a duty to hell'.

i should point out i havent read Finding Farley yet and also, more importantly, i may sound crazy but i'm not.... i swear! Haha.

MoleCat said...

Thanks for your comment Jennie,
You're the first person ever to comment on this site.
I really wish more people would leave comments about the stories.:(

Anyways, there are many, many varying beliefs in faeries. The one I like to stick to is that Faeries are not human, they are not of the living world and can seem muddled and even evil in our view.
As they don't belong to the world of the living they do not come under our rules. They are not destined for the same place, they don't have the same options as we do.
As God, or 'the Gods' rule the world of the living and Hell or 'the underworld' rules the rest Faeries have to pay a tribute to Hell(a tax).
The best Tax for hell is Human souls, the purer the better.
Faeries will steal babies for this reason. Often substituting the baby for a log or their own baby. A stolen baby is called a Pan (i.e. Peter Pan and Puck).
Faeries will also trick people into damnation which will also make them seem evil.

It may be just mythology and there are many myths out there. None are right and none are wrong but I find it best to stick to some kind of floor plan.

Thank you so much for the correspondence.