Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A story basically about Sugar - Introduction

I like this story; basically it's a romp.
I wrote it a few weeks ago but could not put it up on my site because I submitted it to an Australian Science Fiction / Horror Magazine. Anything on my site cannot really be submitted anywhere else.
Well; when they rejected it I was not too fazed because now I can publish it here. I am starting to really like my site and find it a dreadful shame to hold back stories that I think are above standard.
It was rejected on the grounds of 'being overwritten and that it does not go anywhere' and that's fine by me. A playful romp, a story which is farcical by nature seems to require to be overwritten and go nowhere at all.
After rereading it I found I love the two characters and there may be room for a few more of these little romps.

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