Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ebook - The Blinddust Collection

I've released another book on smashwords and it's free.
This one is a collection of eight short stories. In actual fact all those short stories can be found on this site.
I thought if I release a free book readers will get a taste of my work and maybe have a look at the novels.
So far it's been released one day and had 132 downloads, which is good (I think).
The books can be viewed at

If you read it or have read it, it would be great if someone wrote a review of the book on the site.
People have also been downloading samples of the novel as well, this has increased since I released The Blinddust Collection. Also visits to this site have increased dramatically.

If you are looking at this page because you read one of the books, I hope you enjoyed it.


Kathleen said...

Awesome collection of stories! Thank you so much for sharing!

MoleCat said...

Thank you so much for your comments Kathleen!!!!