Sunday, December 19, 2010

ebook - Rules of the Soul

I've done it. I closed my eyes tightly and released the first novel that I ever wrote as an ebook. It's been sitting on my desk(and in my computer harddrive) for over ten years now. It's started to be joined by brothers.

In the end I need to do something otherwise I'll get old and die and no one will ever read my work.
So I decided to publish it on a site called smashwords. They convert it to all the different formats and submit it to apple, barnes and noble, Amazon and I think Sony. For the Sony and Apple thing to happen I need to get an ISBN.
I spent the night reading and editing the novel and I was suprised that I actually enjoyed reading the thing. I spent the next day putting it up into a format that would be accepted for their automated system that converts it all.
It took three goes until I got it ok.
So 'Rules of the Soul' is now out there (to a certain extent.) If you notice I added the cover to this little bloggy thing so you can see.
I have four novels all in all to publish on the Smashwords site. I'll keep you updates here.
Though I think not many people are reading this.
The next novel to be released will be 'Eating at me.' (I think)
For the current novel, 'Rules of the Soul', If you wish to purchase it, if you quote 'LN72B' you'll get it at half price ($2 american which is at the moment round the same in australian.) The offer is available until January 30 2011.
The novel can be seen/ purchased at this address

Hopefully something happens.

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