Monday, August 08, 2011

ebook - The Quiet Slumber of the White Wolf

Even though it was written quite a while ago this novel has taken a while to come out. It was written concurrently with ‘Eating at me’ and completed a little while after. It’s twice as long as ‘Eating at me’ and ‘Rules of the Soul’ and contains many more of my innermost fears.

I hope I can tell you that it’s an alien abduction novel without spoiling it. The main character Joe wrestles with what he thinks is numerous psychological disorders. He builds up a life only to find it falling to pieces again. It’s cost him many times over, separated from his wife and child and knowing that at any time he could fall apart again.

And he feels himself falling apart. Instead of waiting it out and seeing what destruction it brings to his life he goes on a holiday hoping his latest breakdown will go unobserved.
After a lively trip to the mountains that almost brings him to a catatonic mess he returns to find his wife had been trying to contact him. Their son is missing and the correlation between his own problems and his son’s is to great to be ignored.
Now he must take his wife into the world he fears the most to find their son.

I feel that there is a sequel to this one inside me somewhere.

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