Friday, September 11, 2009

The Blinddust Collection, National Library and Bjorg

I just "googled" myself. I put the word in quotations because its like calling painkillers "Panadoles" or adhesive bandages "band aids". In my eyes it not a real word, it's a branding.
Anyhow, I just did a search for me. When doing a search for Matt Cole it good to be wary, there's a gay pornstar call Matt Cole and I once did a search for me at work. Problems Problems.
Nothing but images of Male upon Male penetration, close up.

When I do a search on me I usually do a search on Matt Cole, Molecat, The Blinddust Collection and then sometimes a search on each story that I've written and let out somewhere.
I once was wondering why "life and death as sitcom" was getting so many hits and I found that someone was recommending it as research material for an upcoming exam in England.
Anyhoo, I was doing a search on "The Blinddust collection" and I came up with this..

Years and Years ago I wrote a few books, I printed them and bound them myself by hand and had a distrubution company distribute them. They were in bookstores all around Australia and looking back on the stories I really don't like them at all. I think I've grown as a writer(ehum, even though I've written nothing for months.)

Two of the books are there....

In the National Library of Australia, Monash's Matheson Library Rare Books "To be used in Rare Books Reading Room only."
How the hell did they get there?

I think I had four books out, when the last two came out I was really looking at it all and thinking that I had to become a better writer. The Distributer went bust and I thought, just as well really.
I think I'm better now, maybe, I dont know.

God I wish I could just sit and write another short story.

I think I'm getting there, I'm getting that itch but at the moment it is just flashes here and there and nothing substantial. It's like the inside of my head is some Bjorg Video clip, stylised, wierd and stange, with some little girl just screaming and at the end you think what the f**k was that?
(It's funny how I just censored the swear, I swear all the time in my stories that I put up here)

Anyhoo, some ideas that are floating around.
  • Man hits midlife crisis, goes around the world, catches TB but does not tell anyone because he could use to shed a few pounds.
  • It's 1999 and a real estate agent thinks that "the rapture" is nigh. (been working on this one for a long time, just cannot get it to sing to me, still like it though)
  • A very unlucky man finds he can suck luck from other people(in Prison!)

The rapture one, I've been working on for a long time and I want it to work but it just will not. The real estate agent is crazy and all I get is Bjorg video clips.

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