Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lonely Years - Introduction.

Ok, another entry into the Bridport Prize and another year passes on by.

The website says that they have contacted all the winners via the telephone and well, no call and no email so I guess I'm out of luck. It's now safe to place the story here though.
I keep thinking I am setting my Goals too high, but it does not hurt to try. I mean 'what if?'
If I came a place in the Bridport Prize it could change my life (hopefully), get my foot in the door.
If I have a story for next year's competition I'll just keep trying. There is also an Australian Horror short story competition that I think I should start entering. For the time being though, as there are no competitions open at the moment I'm extremely happy to post 'The Lonely Years' on my site.

Anyhoo, this is the story I submitted to the Bridport Prize. I have mentioned that I have been having problems writing lately and this was one of the only things to come out of me.
Boy did it come out of me though.
I had not written a word and suddenly I sit down and start writing this thing from start to finish. It's a little depressing and also a little basic but by the time I was getting down to the last few paragraphs and had the ending in my head I was crying my eyes out. Five in the morning, having problems writing down each word because my face is wet with tears and I'm shaking from sobbing.
Could have just been me though.
A few people have read this and don't entirely understand it. I haven't seen any tears from anyone so maybe the spot it hit with me is just on me.

Also, I'd like people to comment on the stories. You can comment in the introduction to each story.

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