Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Blinddust Collection Memories

I renamed the blog The Blinddust Collection. Over a decade ago I used to write only short stories. Now looking back on them I find them terrible.
I feel that I have grown now from then, even though I still have a long way to go.
Sometimes I read one and thinking nice idea. Sometimes I read one and thinking Omigod what was I thinking. Maybe in another ten years I'll look at my work now and think the same thing.
Anyway, over a decade ago I decided to publish and distribute these books. I had a distribution company that sent four seperate books all over the country. It was nice to walk into a bookstore in Melbourne, Sydney or Tasmania and see one or two of your books on the shelves.
The distributor eventually sold their business and I was dropped. I was at that stage realising that I still needed a lot of practice and I was kind of thankful.
All those short stories were great practice and it was nice to have the input from people that bought them or went to my readings.
The first book was called The Blinddust Collection and I always liked that title. So here you'll find it on top of the page.
I also bought http://www.blinddustcollection.com/ with my mum egging me on. I have a feeling she likes the name as well and wants me to do something with the millions of hours of work that I cannot help but keep doing. Hopefully the address will clear and I'll soon attach it to this page, or visa versa which ever is technically correct. I thought I'd attach an image from the first book. I drew it myself and remember really adoring it. I've made it negative so it sort of fits in with the page.
To all those people that bought those books I say thankyou and also sorry, I'll do better

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