Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Jaga And The Kaax - Introduction

Okay, as I said before the previous story came on the heels of another story. Just popped up like the left foot follows the right. This is the previous story.
Like all stories these days I was aware of it bouncing around prominently in my head. I decided to look up a few things before hand.
The Jaga refers to Baba-Yaga, originally pronounced Jaga in the original Slavic tongue. A witch of folklore basically. Baba meaning old lady or something.
The Kaax refers to the Yum-Kaax, known both as the Lord of the woods and also the God of Maize.
It was a good story to write, set a scene, which is a puzzle and then let all the pieces fall into place. I found myself a little sad towards the end. It was really satisfying to put the last full stop in.
There may be a few changes in the future to this but as it is at the moment I'm happy.
If anything I should be editing my novels. :(
Well, enjoy......

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