Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Just thought I'd post a picture of one of my old typewriters. I actually used to use this one until common sense prevailed.
Imagine typing and typing and typing a story out and then having to copy it all out on the computer, then to go through the editing process. I used to have to maintain it, the ribbon used to jam up, guests would come over and pound the keys.
I also loved the feel of it though. I think this one was made in 1908. Next year it will be an official antique.
If it wasn't for the size that old typewriters took up, I think I would collect them.
I think the thing that eventually persuaded me to write straight onto the computer was that I was having a harder and hard time finding replacement ribbons.Someone should make keyboards for computers with large, turn of the century keys and levers. I'd buy one (if it did not look too poxy.)

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